In a direct conversation and connection between the work and the audience, the artist has included a QR code that leads to an interactive page where each person has the opportunity to leave their mark. “Revolution is Woman” thus becomes an invitation to share one’s revolution starting from the concept of being the change you want to see in the world.


"Revolution in Woman is an unpublished work created specifically for Straordinarie. It arises from a profound collective need, with the intention of sharply and punctually reflecting the essence of our days. The artist, feeling called to become the voice of the people and interpret their time, has taken a decisive stance, creating a manifesto work of the contemporary era. A highly impactful inscription soaked in urgency and awareness shouts with strength and determination a problem that is extremely strong and still real, positioning itself as a vehicle for deep reflections and sensitization against any form of violence against women. At the same time, the project aims to break down stereotypes associated with the feminine universe and change the way women are still perceived today. The work embodies the belief that art has a duty to face the challenges of contemporaneity and contribute to the construction of a new civilization. Its revolutionary strength is based on the idea that transformation must start from each of us, involving every individual."

Curated by Alisia Viola