Andrea Crespi X Fondazione IEO-CCM


Andrea Crespi X Fondazione IEO-CCM

Charity Auction


Limited edition print 50/50 Pearl Paper 350g / 32x45 cm

“Beauty will save the world” - F. Dostoevsky Beauty is an ideal. Good has always had a mystical, strong and indissoluble bond with beauty. Beauty is a universal concept. It is entrusted with the power to recompose the fundamental disorder of reality into a harmonious unity, thus making it capable of revealing an ultimate meaning above its own chaos.

This concept, more relevant today than ever before, is expressed through the modern reinterpretation of Botticelli’s famous Venus painting, an icon of beauty par excellence.

This work also hides a veiled invitation to search for and rediscover the beauty within each of us, by not completely revealing Venus, who is half hidden by an optical weave that portrays her, hiding and protecting her at the same time.

Limited edition, the donated piece is 50/50, signed and numbered.

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