Andrea Crespi X Moaconcept & Haikure


Two Italian brands are joining forces to make a contribution to the italian health system and to enable everyone to do so, communicating values of solidarity and proposing a positive message for the future.

Thanks to the work “hearts on earth” granted by the artist Andrea Crespi, Moaconcept and Haikure have created the #ITWILLBEOK T-shirt, which aim to bring optimism and love in a time of difficulty and concern.

“Art is a witness to our time. The work created for this project is an important metaphor for positivity and hope for the current events that have affected the entire population. The red, which at this time represents the climate of concern that affects Italy, is transformed into a contamination of hearts, a simple emoticon that is replicated to recreate the outline of our nation, a symbol that we are used to share every day on our chats and social networks with people we love”. Andrea Crespi

The initiative aims to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment through the Italian Civil Defence but also wants to be a way to activate the Italian production chain, from producers to traders, from suppliers to services, a population of professionals and workers who cannot afford to stop and who represent the vital force of the country.

Moaconcept and Haikure have decided to be the first to support their initiative through the direct donation of the sales proceeds.