Genesis 69 is the First Limited Edition NFT Collection by Andrea Crespi.


Andrea’s inspiration for this very first project resides on three main pillars: Culture, Art, and Sexuality. 


The Genesis 69 collection is a reinterpretation of the original 64 positions of the Kāmasūtra. The whole collection has been created by Andrea, and each of them is one of a kind, unique piece. The Collection has strikingly been revisited under Andrea’s artistic key, a distinguishable trait that already secured the artist very important collaboration in the NFT space and traditional Art world as well.


Andrea Crespi is an Italian visual artist whose work develops in the continuous investigation of different media and themes including optical illusions, social transformations, and the digital revolution. Materializing these concepts with the interpretation of contemporary cultural changes.


Class '92, Andrea started his career at a very young age as a self-taught and independent artist. Especially in the last few years, Andrea started to collaborate with well-known artistic realities such as the Leopold Museum in Vienna, and renowned brands in the luxury space like Bulgari and Vogue. At the very beginning of 2021, Andrea entered the NFT space and, during the year, he proposed to the public four unique pieces, getting known among the community as “a young promise that could successfully consolidate his name in the Digital Art’s world”.


“I do believe we are in front of an artistic revolution, I see NFTs as a powerful vector able to carry important messages that can make nowadays’ society values reconsidered and cherished for future generations”. - Andrea Crespi.


The project behind the collection


In this section the Genesis 69 collection is described from its conception to its development and realization. You will have the opportunity to view this project at 360 degrees.


The idea behind the release of this collection is threefold: first of all is to create awareness among our community about this artistic revolution that is happening in the NFT space. Second, to offer to a selected audience a collection that is relatively less demanding in terms of investment. And last, but not for importance, with Genesis 69 we want to start a journey together where the community and the team can interact and help to create future projects with the main focus of delivering high-end artistic footprint, spreading awareness, and help and sustain the research.


What is the Kāmasūtra? 


The Kāmasūtra is an ancient Indian text attributed to Vātsyāyana, an ancient indian philosopher, and it is about human sexual behavior. The Kāmasūtra is widely regarded as the most important work in Sanskrit literature about love and intimate relations. 


According to its translation: Kāma (in Sanskrit “pleasure” or “well-being”) is not in fact perceived as a sin, but it is considered as one of the four purposes of life.  Sūtra (in Sanskrit “manual” or “collection of aphorisms”). The Kāmasūtra is simply a “manual on well-being”. One of the biggest misconception about this manual is that it is all about sex; it is not true. In fact, only about 20 percent of the book is focusing on sexual positions. The majority of the book can be interpreted as a scientific study on human behavior, a philosophical treatise (manifesto) that defends and exalts the pursuit of all forms of pleasure.


While for indian culture, the Kāmasūtra is not considered as pornography, in our society unfortunately, the sexual subject in it has always been considered a taboo. Luckily, during the last two decades, numerous scientific studies on Kāmasūtra have led to a more widespread sexual awareness, up to the point that the WHO (World Health Organization) has established the World Day of Sexual Well-being (September, 4). This, has been done with the hope of raising awareness about sexual issues and diseases, awareness that should be considered essential to the health and happiness of people. 


Part of the artist’s inspiration behind the Genesis 69 collection resides on a simple, but bold, question to which it is up to reader to give his own interpretation:


“What are the boundaries between art and pornography?”


We should stop to tend to see sexual positions as a social validation to pornography, but again, it is because of our culture. Different cultures consider it as a normal topic that could be discussed as freely as anything else.


The Kāmasūtra is not meant to be pornography, 


It is a manual on the art of sexuality and well-being.


Genesis 69 is the first Limited Edition NFT Collection by Andrea Crespi.


Even if you won’t purchase a piece of the collection, following this project since its conception, would help you to broaden your point of view on Digital Art & NFTs. We do believe we are at the beginning of an artistic revolution and we want everyone to be aware of it. 


The collection is of 69 pieces (1/1), all different and unique. Over appreciating the art itself and having bet on the artist’s career, owning a piece of the Genesis 69 collection will grant you utilities:


# Holders’ raffles #

The Community, made of the owners of the Genesis 69 collection, will have raffles that will allow some lucky owners the possibility to win:



x3: one piece of physical art of your digital NFT handmade by Andrea Crespi. Acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm.



x3: one digital frame to display your NFT.



x3: one lucky holder will be invited by Andrea to visit his own Atelier, the place where magic takes place.

Unlike other projects, here you will not find promises that are usually not kept. What we guarantee to you is that we will continue to innovate on different utilities and provide experiences to our community that will stick with them forever. Moreover, the team takes to heart sustainability and research, for such a reason after this first collection release, the team will donate part of the revenues to a charity organization that promotes sustainability and research.

Here is the Calendar of our Roadmap:
1. 22-02-2022

Public sale.

2. 14-03-2022
3. 03-04-2022
4. 11-04-2022
5. 10-04-2022
6. 27-06-2022

…And remember, we are only at the genesis!



Vittorio D.C.

Project Developer


Alex C.

P.R. & Communications


Nikita B.

Project Manager


Stefano B.

Video Maker


Andrea Crespi

The Artist

1. What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. An NFT guarantees uniqueness and property ownership of such an asset.

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We strongly care about our community and we do want to offer full support, especially considering that entering the Web 3.0 can be challenging.  We want you to be comfortable for this first purchase; if you have questions or you are in need of specific clarifications, do not hesitate to privately contact us either on Discord, opening a ticket, or in the website section: Contact us.

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